Friday, January 20, 2012

City of Delray Beach Expands Domestic Partnership Benefits

(Delray Beach, Florida) The Delray Beach City Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to amend the City's Family and Medical Leave Policy to allow city employees to use family and medical leave to care for their domestic partners in the same manner married employees may use it to care for their spouses.

The action was taken at the request of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, which has been working with the city on domestic partnership issues since 2006.

The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council has been the leading advocate for domestic partner benefits in Florida since 1992, when theCity of West Palm Beach became Florida's first public employer to provide domestic partnership benefits.

"With this action, the City of Delray Beach now offers employees with domestic partners virtually all of the same family benefits it provides to married employees," said Human Rights Council President Rand Hoch, "The pro-family domestic partnership policies in Delray Beach are among the most progressive in the State of Florida."

More public employers in Palm Beach County provide domestic partnership benefits than in any of Florida's other sixty-six counties.

In Palm Beach County, public employers that provide domestic partnership health insurance and other benefits include Palm Beach County, the School District of Palm Beach County, Palm Beach State College, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, the Office of the Clerk and Comptroller, the Office of the Tax Collector, the Office of the Property Appraiser, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections, the Port of Palm Beach, the Solid Waste Authority, Palm Tran, Palm Beach County Children's Services Council, the Palm Beach County Health Care District, Seacoast Utility Authority, as well as the cities of Delray Beach, Lake Worth, and West Palm Beach, the Town of Jupiter and the Village of Wellington.

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