Thursday, January 31, 2019

PBCHRC Voters Alliance endorses Priscilla Taylor for Mayor of West Palm Beach

The Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Voters Alliance has endorsed hundreds of candidates for office since 1988 based on the following criteria:
  • How a candidate has voted on LGBTQ issues
  • How a candidate has supported the Palm Beach County LGBTQ Community
In the race to replace Jeri Muoio as Mayor of West Palm Beach, all three candidates -- Keith James, Paula Ryan and Priscilla Taylor -- have been outspoken in support of our issues. All have 100% voting records on our initiatives. And all supported the LGBTQ community by participating in community events for longer than they have been in public office. 

All three candidates are qualified to serve as Mayor and we have no doubt that the next Maor of West palm Beach will do an excellent job serving the city's LGBTQ community.

The first decision we had to make was whether to co-endorse all three candidates or endorse the strongest candidate based on our criteria. After extensive deliberation, we determined it was best to endorse the candidate with the strongest record of support for the LGBTQ community.

Following a thorough review of their records, we interviewed the three candidates. 

Ultimately, the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Voters Alliance endorsed Priscilla Taylor for Mayor of West Palm Beach, based on her outstanding record of support dating back to 1999 when she began her public service as a Port Commissioner.

Priscilla Taylor

As a Port Commissioner, Priscilla led the successful campaign to secure family health insurance coverage for employees with domestic partners.

As a State Representative, Priscilla co-sponsored PBCHRC's initiatives to amend Florida's Educational Equity Act, the Florida Civil Rights Act and Florida's Fair Housing Act to protect our community against discrimination. She also co-sponsored Equality Florida's Competitive Workforce Act.

As County Commissioner, Priscilla was instrumental in having Palm Beach County:
  • amend the Equal Employment Ordinance and the Nondiscrimination in Contracting Policy to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and expression,
  • extend family health insurance coverage to the domestic partners of county employees,
  • establish a countywide domestic partnership registry.
  • revise the Family Medical Leave Policy to provide the same benefits to the families of County employees based on domestic partnerships as were provided to families based on legally recognized marriages,
  • enact a tax equity reimbursement policy to reimburse County employees insuring their domestic partners for the full amount of the additional federal income taxes which are assessed on employees whose domestic partners receive health insurance through their employers,
  • establish a policy prohibiting the County from doing business with, or appropriating funds to, any public or private organization which practiced discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity or expression",
  • vastly expand the definition of "places of public accommodation" in the Palm Beach County Ordinance for Equal Opportunity to Housing and Places of Public Accommodation,
  • amend the definition of "sexual orientation" in the Equal Employment Ordinance from "male or female homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality, by preference or practice" to "heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality or asexuality, whether actual or perceived",
  • update health insurance policies for County employees to include transgender-related care, and 
  • enact an ordinance banning conversion therapy for minors throughout the County.
Clearly, there are few public officials in Florida wh can hold a candle to Priscilla's support of the LGBTQ community.  She will be an excellent Mayor of West Palm Beach. 

This paid electioneering communication, which is independent of any party, candidate or committee, is produced, sponsored and paid for by the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council Voters Alliance.

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