Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Meet Our New Board Member - Rhonda Williams

The Board of Directors of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council is pleased to annouce the election of  Rhonda Williams to our board.

Rhonda Williams is a writer, blogger, engineer, entrepreneur, software developer, and life coach. Born and raised in a small town in southern Virginia, Ms. Williams went on to live in a bigger world as an information technology innovator and transgender activist. Rhonda attended Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Engineering. In 1983 she founded a software company that brought to market the first PC-based personnel system and the first consumer tax preparation software package.Today she spends much of her time consulting with nonprofits and speaking on gender issues relating to transgender acceptance. Her blog, Rhonda's Escape, has nearly 3 million total views and offers daily posts that encourage others to escape whatever is keeping them from living a full life. 
"I had nothing to do with creating this gender incongruity and I accept the fact it is a permanent characteristic. My life is now 'out to the world' so I had no alternative but to own it. I have often said that being transgender is the most confused, conflicted, and distracting, yet amazing journey I could ever imagine. I have also learned much about myself along the way.  I began to realize that the joy of living is about escaping self-limits and being proud. I am unapologetic and cognizant that nothing up to this point precludes me from bringing vibrant, attractive and self-confident. It is all about accepting myself and daring to live and experience life to the full. It is about looking my best, being my best and going out and exuding the class and confidence that the world expects from any woman. "

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